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Importance of Community

The RE/MAX community of dedicated real estate agents are what propels our success as Malta’s No.1 real estate brand. Our events bring about a lot of positivity and motivation to us and our agents. They help instil and strengthen a culture of support founded on effective networking and great relationships. Ultimately, thanks to being part of a wonderful community like RE/MAX’s can only help you achieve success after success in your career.


BENEFITS of Joining RE/MAX Malta

When you join RE/MAX Malta, you’re not only joining a Real-Estate leader, but also a culture of training, growth and self-improvement, with access to programmes and opportunities custom built for our agents.
Some of the many benefits of RE/MAX are:

REMAX and Friends


Everyone deserves a friend and a helping hand, and that is exactly what the RE/MAX & Friends Foundation was set up to be. Our dedicated agents, managers and franchise owners are proud to donate a percentage of their earnings to the Foundation in aid of children with chronic and debilitating medical conditions

Through RE/MAX and Friends Foundation we also help support many local charities and incredible work to make the world a better place. Some of the charities we support are Puttinu Cares Foundation, Malta Community Chest Fund and Dar tal-Providenza.


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