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RE/MAX Malta Mission

Our Mission

RE/MAX Malta has a simple mission: to keep empowering people to achieve success in their real estate business.

RE/MAX is steadfast in ensuring our associates have access to innovative tools and professional education that has helped many thrive in their real estate careers. Thanks to providing such vital support, RE/MAX has an incredible track record of recruiting, retaining and building careers for our ambitious associates.

Culture at RE/MAX

The culture at RE/MAX is the winning formula behind our success. With more than 15 years of experience in the local and international real estate markets, we bring unparalleled value to anyone joining us. There are three tenets to the RE/MAX culture:




Benefits of Joining RE/MAX Malta

When you join RE/MAX Malta, you’re not only joining a real estate leader, but also a culture of training, growth and self-improvement, with access to programmes and opportunities custom built for our agents. Some of the many benefits of RE/MAX are:

Technology at RE/MAX

RE/MAX Malta’s real estate agents supercharge their careers with RE/MAX’s digital internal hub dedicated to powerful resources such as property listings, databases, management tools and more, accessible on the go through mobile app and web.

Technology at RE/MAX Malta
Education at RE/MAX

Thanks to the RE/MAX University, joining RE/MAX Malta ensures that you will gain access to numerous accredited training programmes and career coaching, all aimed to maximise your potential to build a successful business.

Education at RE/MAX Malta

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