Our Mission for the real estate industry

Our Mission

The RE/MAX brand is dedicated to its mission of setting the pace in the real estate market. Thanks to our culture of training and support, we not only help our associates, by joining RE/MAX, break their career records, but also provide services of unsurpassed quality to our clients. By recruiting, retaining and supporting the careers of our associates RE/MAX Malta, we also build a better real estate community and market that ultimately benefits our clients.

Training Academy

RE/MAX has a dedicated Training Academy offering a fully-accredited curriculum designed to empower our associates to build on their accomplishments. Our training ensures our agents receive the versatile training required to succeed in real estate, starting with a full induction into the technical side of real estate and training the soft skills that are so essential for client-side success.

The RE/MAX Training Academy

Our Professional Trainers

Mark Ellul
Mark Ellul

Mark Ellul is RE/MAX Malta’s natural motivator. He has the ability to inspire, motivate and boost the careers of professional and aspiring real estate agents to maximise potential and achieve success. 

Lawrence Kelly
Lawrence Kelly

Lawrence Kelly is the mastermind behind RE/MAX Malta’s unmatched real estate academy. He empowers careers and equips agents with the necessary skills to empower their careers. 

Constant Support and Education

Constant Support

Learning never ends at RE/MAX Malta. Thanks to our commitment to fostering a supportive community our agents have access to developmental and motivational coaching and training tailored to their needs.


Benefits of Joining RE/MAX

When you join RE/MAX Malta, you’re not only joining a Real-Estate leader, but also a culture of training, growth and self-improvement, with access to programmes and opportunities custom built for our agents. Some of the many benefits of RE/MAX are:

Technology and support at RE/MAX

Technology Support

Our investment in technology is equalled by our investment in education. Through training all of the RE/MAX Malta 300-strong team, we offer everyone the ability to maximise the potential of our digital tools. Furthermore, with a web-based support service and dedicated staff, finding help is only a click away


Here is WHY You Should Join Us

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